Transforming Targets Into Candidates

Designed to Add Certainty and Speed to Your Program With Small Molecule Drug Discovery Expertise + AI

Welcome to Logica, a groundbreaking collaboration between Charles River and Valo Health.

With decades of industry-leading wet science experience, deep artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery expertise, and a risk-sharing business model, we offer a novel, comprehensive drug discovery platform that aspires to enhance the predictability and success of your program.

Your benefits:

  • Leading-edge AI/machine learning (ML) to accelerate your innovation
  • Predictable outcomes through experimental expertise  
  • Human insights that drive expert decision making  
  • Access to virtual and physical high-throughput libraries for efficient screening 
  • DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) to exponentially diversify the chemical space 
  • Speed, certainty, and shared risk designed to help you reach patients faster

Discover how Logica™ can redefine your journey from
target to preclinical development.

Prioritizing Drug Discovery Predictability:
Know Your Budget, Get Your Candidate

We understand the challenges that come with small molecule drug discovery — the uncertainties, risks, and unpredictable outcomes. That’s why we’ve designed a revolutionary approach that centers on predictability, transparency, and your expedited success. 

No more hidden costs or unreliable timelines. With Logica, you receive a fixed budget up front, tied to key value-inflection points along the way. This fully managed, risk-sharing model aligns our success with yours, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to your drug discovery project’s outcome: our risk, your reward

Target Lead Candidate:
Single Partner, Shared Purpose

Logica believes in drug discovery technology, and is meant to propel preclinical programs from conception to candidate nomination. We seamlessly fuse cutting-edge laboratory capabilities with AI-driven molecular design, intended to expedite candidate selection with unprecedented accuracy.