Transforming Targets Into Candidates

Designed to Add Certainty and Speed to Your Program With Small Molecule Drug Discovery Expertise + AI

Welcome to Logica, a groundbreaking collaboration between Charles River and Valo Health.

With decades of industry-leading wet science experience, deep artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery expertise, and a risk-sharing business model, we offer a novel, comprehensive drug discovery platform that aspires to enhance the predictability and success of your program.

Your benefits:

  • Leading-edge AI/machine learning (ML) to accelerate your innovation
  • Predictable outcomes through experimental expertise  
  • Human insights that drive expert decision making  
  • Access to virtual and physical high-throughput libraries for efficient screening 
  • DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) to exponentially diversify the chemical space 
  • Speed, certainty, and shared risk designed to help you reach patients faster

Discover how Logica® can redefine your journey from
target to preclinical development.

Prioritizing Drug Discovery Predictability:
Know Your Budget, Get Your Candidate

We understand the challenges that come with small molecule drug discovery — the uncertainties, risks, and unpredictable outcomes. That’s why we’ve designed a revolutionary approach that centers on predictability, transparency, and your expedited success. 

No more hidden costs or unreliable timelines. With Logica, you receive a fixed budget up front, tied to key value-inflection points along the way. This fully managed, risk-sharing model aligns our success with yours, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to your drug discovery project’s outcome: our risk, your reward

Target Lead Candidate:
Single Partner, Shared Purpose

Logica believes in drug discovery technology, and is meant to propel preclinical programs from conception to candidate nomination. We seamlessly fuse cutting-edge laboratory capabilities with AI-driven molecular design, intended to expedite candidate selection with unprecedented accuracy.


Aim your lead design toward successful candidate selection: Our virtual advanceability assessment coupled with empirical measurements enables an astounding 90% success rate in generating viable and advanceable lead series.


Tap into hundreds of in vitro and in vivo models and thousands of computational predictive models, providing rapid advancement to candidate selection.


Amalgamate molecular design prowess and biological assay data into a closed loop discovery system, iteratively constructing high precision predictive models.


Scan a broader universe of actionable chemistry and rapidly iterate through billions of virtual molecules in each cycle to rank and deliver novel chemistries and results.

The Power of Logica’s Deliverables  

Our offerings encompass two essential deliverables. Logica-AL® (Advanceable Lead) furnishes you an advanceable lead and backup series, meticulously curated to align with your success criteria. Logica-C® (Candidate) accelerates your progress by delivering a drug candidate that is ready for GLP toxicology evaluation.

Embrace a Solution Beyond AI 

Moving AI from promise to transformation requires native integration with full-service small molecule drug discovery capabilities.

Our unique approach unites Charles River’s experimental prowess, Valo Health’s molecular design platform, and a visionary risk-sharing model in a holistic suite of services, ensuring the highest confidence in your target → lead → candidate journey.

Ready to transform your drug discovery journey?

Discover how Logica® can accelerate your path to successful small molecule development.

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