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Explore our frequently asked questions for clarity on your path from target identification to lead optimization to candidate selection.  

Logica is a joint product offered by Charles River and Valo Health that aims to develop a small molecule product against a given target according to your specifications. Charles River and Valo utilize their combined experience and drug discovery capabilities to execute the project and utilize a unique risk-sharing business model with predictable costs. 

Unlike traditional service-based offerings provided by CROs, Logica is delivered as a drug discovery platform intended to result in a preclinical candidate in two parts: Logica-AL (Advanceable Lead) and Logica-C (Candidate). The Logica-AL and Logica-C workflow starts from an identified target and aspires to result in a preclinical candidate. Once the target is identified, Logica aims its algorithms and data generation capabilities at your design specifications. We build suites of models and aim them at vast chemical universes, focusing on the most promising series, which are then synthesized and validated. When Logica-AL reaches its first value inflection point, it has gone beyond the traditional lead series; it has also generated the suite of models necessary meant to rapidly push the program into optimization. In Logica-C, this model suite is expanded because of our world-class data generation, intended to allow Logica to deliver from series ID to candidate ID. 

Logica combines world-class wet lab data generation platforms with best-in-class machine learning chemical design technology aimed to deliver better leads, for better drugs. Logica provides a level of certainty for drug discovery through risk-sharing and value-anchored structures — a first for small molecule development. The Charles River and Valo partnership aspires to address all your needs: a high-confidence candidate that can be tested in clinical development. 

We recommend considering the advantages of continuing to Logica-C for a comprehensive drug development journey. However, it’s your choice, and Logica-AL and Logica-C are flexible enough to meet your requirements independently.

No. All types of clients can be engaged in the Logica discussion. Whether you have a validated target, a target that needs validation, or an ongoing lead program, we can help: 

  • Validated target: Can easily slot into Logica 
  • Target validation work needed: Charles River can provide target validation work for FFS; once you’re ready to proceed to screening and molecule development, we can move into Logica 
  • Ongoing lead: We can provide Logica-C services; the full Logica offering could also be used for a backup molecule and you can choose to stop that molecule at AL, with a decision on C only being made if the other molecule fails 

Logica’s business model internalizes the risk of applying AI to drug discovery. It is a full-service drug discovery product that integrates the best capabilities, both experimental- and machine learning (ML)-based. The deliverables are lab-validated series and candidates, with different projects inevitably having to rely on different experimental or modeling capabilities to meet the success criteria.

Unlike traditional AI solutions and machine learning solutions, Logica is a truly integrated drug discovery offering focused on value generation and delivering assets rather than a-la-carte services. We interact with data at predefined value inflection points and provide a true end-to-end risk-sharing model, purposed to deliver leads and candidates as drug discovery products. 

Logica has two deliverables: Logica-AL and Logica-C.  

  1. Logica-AL deliverables are an advanceable lead series and backup, consisting of multiple compounds that meet the initial criteria agreed upon during SOW creation.
  2. The second deliverable is a drug candidate, called Logica-C, which will be the molecule we propose moving into GLP toxicology/IND-enabling studies/program.

AI-powered drug discovery revolutionizes our industry by integrating cutting-edge technology with decades of expertise. It is designed to accelerate target-to-candidate timelines, enhance hit identification, and maximize success rates. Valo’s AI, combined with Charles River’s laboratory services, strives to enable unparalleled efficiency and precision in small molecule drug development. 

AI-powered drug discovery strives to streamline the process by rapidly sifting through vast amounts of data, generating predictive models, and identifying promising leads. This is meant to reduce trial and error, identify novel compounds, and optimize designs. It’s a leap forward, saving time, costs, and resources compared to traditional methods. 

Integrating AI and laboratory services under one roof is intended to empower us to swiftly translate targets into viable candidates. Seamless collaboration between AI-driven design and wet lab expertise eliminates gaps, accelerates decision making, and reduces risks. This synergy aspires faster, more precise, and ultimately more successful drug discovery journeys. 

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