Welcome to Logica, the pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) small molecule drug discovery platform formed by two industry leaders: Charles River and Valo Health.

From early-stage drug discovery to preclinical candidates, this partnership represents a bold commitment to revolutionizing the drug discovery process through the integration of scientific excellence and cutting-edge AI-driven technology.

Our Complimentary Expertise

Bringing together Charles River’s renowned experience in drug discovery and development with Valo’s groundbreaking Opal Computational Platform™, Logica is an astoundingly synergistic collaboration.

Our ability to provide a risk-sharing model is based on two powerful factors:

Charles River

The trust and credibility that Charles River is renowned for in the industry. 

Valo Health

Valo’s revolutionary AI-powered capabilities. 

Logica’s Mission and Vision

Through Logica, our joint goal is to remove at least one year out of the drug discovery and development timeline by accelerating the identification and optimization of promising drug candidates.


We are passionate about our role in improving the quality of people’s lives. Our mission, our excellent science, and our strong sense of purpose guide us in all that we do, and we approach each day with the knowledge that our work helps to improve the health and well-being of many across the globe. 


We are a world-leading drug discovery partner. We keep the patient at the center of everything we do, and we deliver exceptional research in a collaborative and vibrant setting. Our team has a sense of achievement, is proud of what they do, and feels fulfilled in their roles. Our clients feel valued and trust our ability to deliver outstanding experiences across any modality in any therapeutic area.  

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