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Experimental and AI Expertise of Two Industry
Charles River + Valo Health

Logica® is a transformative solution that redefines your drug discovery journey. We’re not just an artificial intelligence AI-enabled point solution or add-on; we’re your partner in crafting small molecule solutions tailored to your specifications.

Our integrated, AI-driven process sets us apart from traditional outsourcing, ensuring outcomes that we align collaboratively to your drug discovery objectives. Explore our two powerful solutions that are redefining the state of the art in AI drug discovery solutions: Logica-AL (Advanceable Lead) and Logica-C (Candidate).

Logica Process Stack

Fully Integrated and Computationally Enabled

Logica Process Stack

Fully Integrated and Computationally Enabled

Logica-AL: Where Precision Meets Promise

Your journey to better leads begins with Logica-AL.
Our expertise-driven approach to delivering advanceable leads
includes a comprehensive range of drug discovery services: 

Predictive Models for Precision

  • Leverage >30 billion compound virtual library, >1 million member high-throughput screening (HTS), and >7 billion member DNA-encoded library (DEL) data
  • Harness expert knowledge and data science to create predictive models that guide decision making

Deploy Models to Custom Chemical Spaces 

  • Deploy predictive models to explore even larger bespoke chemical spaces designed to deliver leads against your lead success criteria
  • Iteratively employ rapid array chemistry, target assays, selectivity assays, and early ADME profiles to characterize and expand highest value series

Logica-C: Charting Your Course to Success

Once you have your advanceable leads from Logica-AL, you can choose our Logica-C offering to move you forward to preclinical development. 

Continuing With Confidence

  • Continue to optimize a suite of predictive models alongside your leads to efficiently converge on candidates
  • Integrate models to drive medicinal chemistry for target engagement, PK/PD, pharmacology, in vitro safety, and scale-up goals 
  • Prepare your candidate for formal GLP toxicology evaluation and IND-enabling studies

Building on a Legacy of Success

With over 50 integrated drug discovery projects recently completed through Charles River, our expertise spans numerous therapeutic areas and target classes.

Therapeutic Areas






And others

Target Classes


Phenotypic targets

Ion channels



RNA targets

Transcription factors

Membrane receptors


And others

Accelerate and Ensure Your Drug Discovery Journey With Logica’s Distinctive Promises 

To help ensure your success, we aim to deliver on three key outcomes: Certainty, Quality, Advanceability



Receive at least one advanceable lead series supporting your accelerated path to a candidate 


Each series is rigorously assessed for its potential to advance to the candidate stage 


Drive potency, selectivity, and early ADME profiles for rapid advancement 



Leverage insights from Logica-AL for increased success 


Obtain a candidate ready for GLP tox programs and IND-enabling studies 


Possess a candidate with efficacy, safety, and projected human dose profiles for preclinical development 

Beyond Stand-Alone AI

Logica harnesses the power of integration

Discover the benefits of a natively integrated, comprehensive drug discovery system whose breadth and depth of experimental power is mirrored by industry-leading AI-driven modeling to turn your road from target identification to preclinical development into a well-guided, efficient journey.

Ready to transform your drug discovery journey?

Discover how Logica® can accelerate your path to successful small molecule development.

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