Join Logica™ at the World Cognitive Computing and Generative AI Summit, a gathering of the brightest minds in AI and cognitive computing. This summit is a platform for discussing the latest advancements and applications of AI in various industries. Logica is excited to showcase how our unique AI and wet science drug discovery solutions are contributing to this technological revolution. 

Be sure to attend our speaking presentation to gain insights into Logica’s innovative approach in integrating AI with drug discovery. 

Speaking Presentation


Thibault Géoui 
Head of Science Analytics, Charles River  

Demystifying (Gen)AI in Drug Discovery: A practical guide to marrying predictive models, wet-lab experiments and an innovative business model  

Artificial intelligence (AI), and most recently generative AI are revolutionizing drug R&D by transcending the buzzword status to become a vital asset in discovering new drugs. This presentation will discuss AI’s role in drug R&D, highlighting the integration of large datasets, advanced predictive models (including LLMs), and wet-lab validation. We will address necessary shifts in business models, particularly our risk-sharing approach that reduces financial obstacles in drug discovery. Building on a 70-year legacy which has aided the development of most marketed drugs, we emphasize a strategy that holds AI accountable, ensuring a trustworthy route to success. Our extensive model library coupled with lab expertise expedites hypothesis validation, accelerating the drug R&D timeline. 

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